water for all


owini project - BITA TANQUE

Water for All Program (Angola)


Bita Tanque 


Designs are based in 3 main vectors:


  • Low energy consumption for the operation of the systems
  • Simplicity of operation and maintenance
  • Reliability of the integrated solution


Finance, concept/design, build and operate water supply systems 


Scope of works:

Water catchment, main pipe (2.400 m), water treatment plant (30 m3/h), reservoir (654 m3), distribution network (3.600 m), public fountains (13 units), laundries (2 units) and taps on public buildings (3 units).


O&M (including training local administration staff). Educational and awareness campaign for population and other users




Affected population: 6,000

Project Start: May 2019

Project completion: June 2019

Typical  Project components:

Water pumping station

Water filtration system

Water storage (reservoir)

Distribution of the water within the village end points

(public fountains, laundries and taps)

Zürcherstrasse 239, 8500

Frauenfeld, Switzerland



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