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A fascinating article describes Owini's "Water For All" project in Ombala Yo Mungu. 


The southern province of Angola suffered from a prolonged drought that impacted 80 percent of the population, including animals, and a global disaster was declared in the area back in 2019. The water project engineers contended two main challenges; read about their solution here >> 

Article // Creating Food Security in Angola​


September 14, 2021 -The Samba Caju Farm project, with its integrated earth dam, is a significant water and agricultural project executed by Aricultiva and Owini.The Dam is expected to store 3,000,000 cubic meters of water and begin watering the crops by the end of 2021. The water project consists of a pumping center with seven water pumps system and 23 center-pivot irrigation systems.    

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Locality of Ombala Yo Mungu satisfied with the delivery of the Drinking Water Supply System​

March 29, 2021 -The Minister of Energy and Water,  traveled  with a delegation of officials from MINEA  to the province of Cunene, to verify the level of execution of the infrastructures of its sector and to participate in the inauguration of the new drinking water supply system in the municipality of Ombala Yo Mungu, which will serve to reduce the deficit in access to drinking water.

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Ombala Yo Mungu- Minister of Energy and Water inaugurates water supply system

March 31, 2021 - The Minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges, inaugurated, in the locality of Ombala Yo Mungo, municipality of Ombandja, in Cunene, the drinking water supply system.

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March 29, 2021 - The population of the Municipality of Ombala Yo Mungo, in the Province of Cunene, gains this Monday, March 29, a drinking water supply system.

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November 18,  2020 - The population from the Zombo Municipality is benefiting from drinking water. Three water systems were built with funds under the various social programs running in the municipality.

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Residents of Bita Tanque benefit from drinking water​

August 3, 2020- ​ As part of the Water for All Program, under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA), with the execution of Owini (from the Mitrelli Group), about six thousand residents of the locality of Bita Tanque, in Luanda, benefit, as of today, from treatment and drinking water supply systems.


​ July 31, 2020- The Secretary of State for Water, Lucrécio Costa, evaluated on 29 July, in the province of Lunda Norte, various infrastructures in the water sub-sector.

Owini equipped schools in Cazenga and Cacuaco with water systems​

​Owini has in recent days equipping schools in the municipalities of Cazenga and Cachaço, in Luanda, with water systems, with a view to combating Covid-19.

Ivory Coast-Availability of drinking water: The Ministry of Hydraulics commits to the realization of 95 urban water systems

​The Ministry of Hydraulics is committed to enable drinking water available as part of the fight against the spread of Covid-19. This commitment by Minister Laurent Tchagba was concretized, this Friday, March 3, 2020, in Abidjan-Plateau, in the Minister's office, by the signing of a study and works contract.

Realization of 95 hydraulic systmes in Ivory Coast

In order to ensure that water does not run out during this period of Covid-19 when hand washing is vital, the Minister of Hydraulic proceeded at the signing with Owini Int. the agreement of constructions of 95 urban water systems in 9 sub prefectures of Ivory Coast. 

Malanje: More than 6,000 inhabitants benefit from drinking water​

Malanje - Six thousand and 400 inhabitants of Kahuce, Micanda and Gonga Izambo, Malanje, Cahombo and Kiwaba Nzoji, respectively, have benefited from drinking water for the first time since Friday (25) of the Water for All program.​

Milhares de habitantes com mais água potável​

Cerca de oito mil habitantes das localidades de Cangongo, Mulo, Chico Mateus e Mungua Quinguri, no município do Xá-Muteba, província da Lunda-Norte, contam, com mais água potável, na sequência da inauguração de sistemas de captação, tratamento e abastecimento.​

Minea vai levar água a todas regiões do Cuando Cubango​

Menongue - O Ministério da Energia e Águas (Minea) pretende estender, a partir deste ano, o abastecimento de água potável à todas localidades da província do Cuando Cubango, disse nessa quinta-feira o secretário de Estado das Águas, Luís Filipe da Silva.​

Milhares de habitantes passam a ter água potável​

Mais de 140 mil habitantes das zonas rurais na província do Cuando Cubango vão beneficiar de água potável, com o lançamento oficial da primeira pedra para a construção de 50 sistemas de captação, tratamento e distribuição de água.​

Israel finances over USD 20 million for agriculture and water project​

Luanda - Over USD 20 million granted by Israel will be invested in various sectors of economic activity in Angola in the near future said its ambassador to Angola, Oren Rosenblat.​

Mais de 20 mil habitantes da província de Malanje vão passar a ter acesso a água potável​


Mais de 20 mil habitantes de 12 localidades de 7 municípios da Província de Malanje passarão a beneficiar de água potável junto às suas casas, com novas infra-estruturas de abastecimento de água naquela província, no âmbito do Programa Água Para Todos.

Moxico: População do Lago Dilolo com sistema de captação de água​

Luacano - Os habitantes da sede comunal do Lago Dilolo, município do Luacano, província do Moxico, beneficiaram-se sexta-feira de um novo sistema de captação, tratamento e distribuição água.​

Mais de 20 mil habitantes de Malanje beneficiam de água potável​

Luanda - Mais de 20 mil habitantes de 12 localidades de sete municípios da província de Malanje vão beneficiar de água potável, no âmbito do Programa Água Para Todos.​

Projecto "Água para todos" vai beneficiar mais de 20 mil habitantes​

Malanje - Vinte mil habitantes, de 12 aldeias dos municípios de Malanje, de Cangandala, do Kiwaba Nzoji, de Quirima, de Cacuso, de Cahombo e de Massango, terão acesso faseado à água potável, pela primeira vez, no âmbito da segunda fase do programa "Água para Todos", desenvolvido pelo Ministério da Energia e Águas, soube-se hoje (quinta-feira).​

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