And it shall come to pass in that day, that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem: half of them toward the eastern sea, and half of them toward the western sea; in summer and in winter shall it be​

Owini Swiss AG is an international company that promotes water and wastewater projects that make a real difference in the lives of millions.


Owini provides integrated solutions for the Water and Wastewater, operating in the Agriculture, Municipal (Urban & Rural) and Industrial sectors. In each of its projects, Owini assumes full responsibility from design until operation.

  • A comprehensive solution  for supplying water from the source to the consumer
  • Urban water treatment.
  • Water transmission and distribution
  • Water desalination .​
  • Production, treatment and supply of water for irrigation
  • Rehabilitation of Agricultural water channels
  • Draining water in flooded areas
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Beverage production factories



Water for all


Sambacaju  DAM 


Ombala Yo Mungo


Waste Water



Zechariah Chapter 14​:8

in the media​


Political and economic decision-makers, academic sector, civil society, and private sector gathered in Senegal. Owini's presence at the convention was covered in several magazines >>

Our water project in Ombala-Yo-Mungo helps the people combat drought in the province of Cunene, Angola. Read the article >>

 May 5, 2021- Owini, a company in the Mitrelli Group, implemented an innovative water desalination system based entirely on solar energy, within the village Ombala yo Mungu in southern Angola, West Africa.

As part of the Water for All Program, under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA), with the execution of Owini (from the Mitrelli Group), about six thousand residents of the locality of Bita Tanque, benefit from a new drinking water supply system


The Secretary of State for Water, Lucrécio Costa, evaluated on 29 July, in the province of Lunda Norte, various infrastructures in the water sub-sector.​


The Ministry of Hydraulics is committed to enable drinking water available as part of the fight against the spread of Covid-19. This commitment by Minister Laurent Tchagba was concretized, on March 3, 2020, in Abidjan-Plateau, by signing of a study and work contract​.

The inhabitants of the Cuito Cuanavale Municipality, Cuando Cubango Province, have been drinking water from a water distribution system built by Owini, the Mitrelli Group's water projects unit , since June 2. of the Water for All Program of the Government of Angola.

More than 20 thousand inhabitants of 12 localities of 7 municipalities of the Province of Malanje will benefit from drinking water next to their houses, with new infrastructures of water supply in that province, under the Water for All Program.​​

Menongue - The Ministry of Energy and Water (Minea) intends to extend drinking water supplies to all localities in the province of Cuando Cubango this year, Luís Filipe da Silva, Secretary of State for Water, said on Thursday​

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