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Underground Water Leak Detection and Repair Solution 


Water loss from underground networks is many times one of the key reasons for water shortages in a city or a country, as well as a major cause for waste of resources invested in treating the water.

This is true especially for places where underground networks are old or inadequately maintained.

It is clear then, that reducing or eliminating water loss may improve significantly the hydric situation in the municipality, and may also support large savings.


Owini’s Approach

Owini’s approach is to reduce the actual on-ground inspection works by focusing only on suspicious spots, thus shortening significantly the duration of the project and reducing costs dramatically.

Technical teams will then be directed only to these parts of the network to pinpoint the location of the leak using special instrumentation.

Once the leak’s exact location is found, a repair team may be sent to complete the task.


Detection of suspected spots – using satellite imagery technology

Using state-of-the-art, satellite imagery technology, we create an aerial image of the city (if network mapping exist it appears on it as well) and on it marked the spots that are found to be suspected as areas of potable water leaks

Verification and pinpointing of the leaks

Our engineers will go along underground lines and find exact locations of breakages.

Repair of one or more breakages in a pipe segment using the TALR (Trenchless Automated Leakage Repair) technology*

This may be a very efficient service in places where digging is impossible, dangerous or might cause a major disturbance to the routine of the city. Also, the TALR solution may be very effective  where a segment of pipe seems to have many separate leaks, even if not all of them are pinpointed - the technology is capable of detecting and repairing all leaks in the pipe segment. 


 * This service is available and approved for pipes with diameters up to 4".

Rehabilitation of large diameter water and sewage pipes using the Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) technology

This service provides the client with the ability to rehabilitate large underground pipes (4”-72”), made of all materials, even if they are in a fully deteriorated condition. It requires no digging and may be applied to water pipes as well as to sewage pipes.

Underground Infrastructure Mapping

Complete underground infrastructure mapping

Using state of the art, innovative instrumentation and many years of field experience, Owini’s engineers will locate, identify and accurately map the existent underground infrastructure components in the street.


Inspected items include:

Water lines, sewage lines, drainage lines, power lines, gas lines, communication lines.


The mapping create an easy to use and accessible digital file that visually and accurately describes “what is going on” under the feet. 

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